Hello all,

seems like the passions have calmed down more or less, but i'd like to add
my two czech crowns :) Sorry in advance.

<flame on>

Actually from the beginning I did not understand why people are arguing on
perl vs python - it is not the main issue... You see, DC is a _commercial_
thing. I do not know exactly why they took their main product- Zope public,
but it's not hard to guess  - like with all open-source products, it helps
in lots of ways:

a). you have free testers
b). you increase the exposure of your product (mostly to enthusiasts who
will not buy your product anyway :) )
c). while your product remains too criptic,buggy and hard-to use for the
newcomer - you can earn money on "consulting" - i.e. creating sites for some
companies who dont want to mess with it, but are innovative enough.

(so the  below is mostly about DC, not about community :) )

From: "Itamar Shtull-Trauring" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> 1. Zope is complicated
> 2. Adding Perl to Zope makes it more complicated
> 3. Most of us here have some Zope knowledge
> 4. All the Perl programmers who will flock to Zope won't have this
> 5. Zope with Perl will be even more popular
> RESULT:  We can get rich as Zope consultants.

So adding perl is fine from all 3 points of view - lots of new people, lots
of exposure and product becomes even more strange-featured... Personally I'd
like to see just more consistent and clear and full documentation on
existing product(I wonder if people at DC could make an agreement with some
company on documenting the system? This surely will help in achieving goal
(b) - the easier it is to use, the more people will use it - it is strong
enough to be used as a middleware in simple-to medium projects... but with
lots of Zope experts hanging around - what will DC do for earning money?
:) )

DC wants to move fast and take all the opportunities it can - to have some
part of the middleware market e.g. With Zope in its' current state it is not
possible (imho) - startups without money would better hire some php
programmer and write all in old good php (or perl :) ) - because it is
always better to know if it will work tomorrow the same way it works today,
rich ones will buy something like new Oracle web development/publishment
suits - they are not so expensive though - for the same reason (and Oracle
is _much_ more powerful).

Maybe everntually Zope will become some powerful and popular tool, maybe it
will be just very complicated software which only DC knows how to deal with
(still earning a good money producing terrific sites on this platform:) )

<flame off>

Telenor Czech Republic

P.S About Oleg's (Broytmann) remarks on giving up zoping - it is actually a
big loss for zope, because AFAIK the company he works for owns some 10 news
information sites which are  biggest online information sites in Russia - I
guess half of  Russian Internet community reads their news

P.P.S sorry for language - I am native Russian living in Czech Republic,
speaking English to Norvegians and sometimes not very successfully trying to
read docs in Japanese... :)

(all opinions expressed here are my own and have nothing to do with my

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