Nick Drew wrote:
>> |I can see that argument...  it depends on the reader, I suppose. I
>> |wouldn't complain much actually if the Python code had functional stuff
>> |in it.  It's having it in DTML that bugs me, for reasons that
>> |have to do
>> |with separating HTML-like stuff from the stuff that actually runs the
>> |site under the hood.

> I take your point, but it's making an assumption that map, filter, and lambda are 
>going to > be used for business logic.  In my case (see original topic) would you 
>argue that what I'm > trying to do is business logic or presentation?

Many apologies, I caught the thread at the tail and didn't look back to
see the origin of the topic.  This is pretty stupid on my part.  I would
say that you were indeed trying to do presentation logic.

And furthermore, I would say that my arguments were offbase and pretty
much knee-jerk reactions to the possibility of what might happen if
functional kw's and builtins were added to DTML.  After considering it
further, it doesn't seem to be such a bad idea if it didn't impact
security in any way.  It might even reduce the complexity of DTML
looping, which would be a good thing.  It would most certainly be
welcome in Python methods, I'd definitely miss map a lot in Python
methods if it wasnt there.

If it's something you want badly (and if you haven't already) add it as
a feature request to the Collector on  Once other folks get
past the knee-jerk reaction, maybe it'll sink in as a good thing.  In
the meantime, you can add it yourself if you like.

Hopefully, you'll be so kind as to forgive me.  After seeing people post
DTML code to the list that they need debugged that computes pay rates,
has the shape of an arrowhead and scrolls past the maximum character
length of my email client horizontally, I'm a little leery of adding
anything whatsoever to DTML, as I think the rest of the folks at DC
are.  Reducing the complexity of DTML is a good thing, however it can be

> As for HTML-like stuff vs. business stuff wrt to functional expressions: Do you 
>object to
> CSS, XSLT, and XPath?

I can't object to XSLT and XPath, I don't even know enough about them to
spell them right.  :-)  CSS is all about presentation, but AFAICT
doesn't have an expression syntax, nor even a way to spell a loop.

> I think I can see why the ZoPerl discussion is so vociferous... ;]

I'm not sure I see the connection...

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