I am working on such project for a few years. From time to time I make
an announcement in comp.lang.python, subject "Bookmarks database and
Internet robot". This is a copy of my latest announce:

   It my hobby project, in pure Python. Wanna cooperate on this?

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, [Windows-1252] Jørgen Skogstad wrote:
> I was wondering about a few points I havn't seen any references
> to. Are there any implementations in Zope that can verify the 
> validity of an url? That is; 
> 1) A link database is generated .. and should be maintained.
> 2) A process should be run at least once a week to check the
>    validity of links in the database. 
> 3) If the link is not "valid" .. it sets a tag in the db which
>    says it's untrusted .. which again could show that in the
>    link listed on the web through Zope.
> 4) .. and if it's untrusted for N runs .. it is removed.
> .. have anyone looked into that? .. and anyone made any conclusions
> as to how one can solve that?

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