On Sat, 3 Jun 2000, JŪrgen Skogstad wrote:
> Sure! I just did a quick read through of the url you posted and it
> looks to me that you've started with what I want. I am very interested
> in getting this to work within the Zope framework as well.. with 
> Sql support etc. as I am doing a project that would require "robotic"
> features! ;) Don't we just hate manual labour. ;) 

   Well, the weakiest point in my programs is that these programs operate
on the whole tree at once. This isn't a problem for my small database of
URLs - there are about 3000 URLs in my bookmarks; but certainly will bring
problems for those who would like to have a bigger DB.

   What I feel is that Zope is not by itself the way to go. It is hard to
store the entire URLs tree in Zope and operate via XML-RPC or whatever. I
thing much better approach will be to store the tree in separate database
(SQL, e.g.) and connect both the robot and Zope to the DB.

   While we are on subjject - I think about version 4 of the project. I
want to define clear APIs for database plugins (including the possibility
to operate on a part of DB, down to one URL at at time :) and robots; and
remove writers plugins entirely - writers are just storage managers,
   It is interesting, whow in time Andrew Kuchling announced Oedipus. His
announcement came few days after I realized that I need API to operate on a
part of DB and started to think about version 4.
We need a DB plugin to connect my robot to Oedipus; and Zope Product...

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