Scavenging the mail folder uncovered Paolo Comitini's letter:

> what's the current status of ZPygreSQLDA and ZPoPyDA? if i were to choose,
> which should i use?  and the reasons for using it?
> i understand that ZPoPyDA is level 2 thread safety, and not quite sure what
> ZPygreSQLDA thread safety is.

I can only say that we started writing PoPy and ZPoPyDA because pygresql
(and the adapter based on it) are *not* thread safe. we were experimenting
deadlocks in zope when you mix db access from sql methods and external
methods in the same page.

on the other hand PoPy is pretty new and, before using it in production,
needs more testing. i think it will stabilize pretty soon, because we will
use it to build the web sites for our customers really soon now and that 
will apport a lot of testing/debugging.

make your choice and be happy,

Federico Di Gregorio
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