> I can only say that we started writing PoPy and ZPoPyDA because pygresql
> (and the adapter based on it) are *not* thread safe. we were experimenting
> deadlocks in zope when you mix db access from sql methods and external
> methods in the same page.

quoting DAroadmap at 

Level 2

                    Level 2 database adapters must be safe to use in a multi-threaded 
Zope instance. This can take multiple behaviour

                        Internal locking/mutexes for single DA access

                        Global locking through the transaction manager if appropriate

                    While a sub-optimal solution, it should be usable on any 
application that has minimal, or infrequent, database access.
                    This means that all access paterns will be serialized.

                    In addition, all DAs at this level must release the Python global 
interpreter lock.
i assume ZPoPyDA conform to the above statement.  will you make ZPoPyDa into
level 3 anytime soon?

> on the other hand PoPy is pretty new and, before using it in production,
> needs more testing. i think it will stabilize pretty soon, because we will
> use it to build the web sites for our customers really soon now and that 
> will apport a lot of testing/debugging.

i will try ZPoPyDA on my personal site, and will inform you of any
misbehaviour.  BTW, what symptoms should i look out for if ZPoPyDa misbehave? 
Zope locking/not responding?

>make your choice and be happy, 
made mine already, thanks, and 

I'll be back!

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