Fun for all the family.  I'm trying to produce a page that draws from 
two databases following one friendly search.  The first chunk of data 
is from the search itself and returns, among others, an ID which I want
to pass into the second chunk to search it.  Kinda like this:

Search page: blah

Report page: loop thru hits on "blah" in db1, any of 6 fields (name, 
        show id
        show name
        show desc...
        loop thru hits in id db2
                show users
                show friendlynames

The problem I have is passing parameters to the db2 search.  Even if I 
set the SQL method to use a parameter with the same name as the var 
returned by the first search, I get a Zope error telling me I'm not 
passing enouh parameters to it.  Testing the methods independently they
work fine.

So, (as usual) what's the no-brain bozo error I'm making?  Is is 
possible to programmatically pass variables around like this (surely it
is,this would be trivial in ASP/JSP)?
Andy Gates, Learning and Research Technology

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