Regarding my html-mode-hook suggestion:

    >> Nope, didn't work.

It looks like html-mode is actually a refinement of sgml-mode.  After
loading it and asking for help on it, I see

    Major mode for editing HTML documents.
    This is based on PSGML mode, and has a sophisticated SGML parser in it.
    It knows how to properly indent HTML/SGML documents, ...

How about

    (setq sgml-mode-hook
         (lambda ()

instead?  Setting text-mode-hook may also do the trick:

    (setq text-mode-hook
         (lambda ()

In sgml-mode (which html-mode is derived from), I see

    (run-hooks 'text-mode-hook 'sgml-mode-hook)

so either ought to work, presuming sgml-mode doesn't do something further to 
defeat auto-fill-mode.

If all else fails, search the xemacs newsgroup archives at or mail
the package's maintainer (his email is at the top of psgml.el)...

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