No matter what I do, I can't seem to make a ZClass a subobject of
another ZClass. I'm really not sure what I'm missing. Here's what
I've done:

1.  Created a new product: WhiteboardProduct.

2.  Created a ZClass within that product that inherits from
    ObjectManager: Whiteboard. Allowed Zope to create all the

3.  On Whiteboard's method page, created another ZClass that doesn't
    inherit from anything: WhiteboardItem.

If the documentation (ZDG) is to be believed, at this point I would
have a subobject visible in Whiteboard's subobject list. (It is not
so.) If I instantiate Whiteboard, I do not get a drop-down list of
items. Oddly enough, if I select a random item (say, Folder) on
Whiteboard's subobjects list, I now get a drop-down list of items
in my instance that does have WhiteboardItem as a choice (of course,
its meta type, not ``WhiteboardItem'').

What am I doing wrong here?  This is a 2.1.6 installation that I'm
playing around on, btw.

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