This is a 'feature' of the product initialization process.  Note that I
am just documenting buginess here, I should try to fix this when

When a Product can't be initialized (a syntax error, a bad import,
whatever), sometimes it will revert back to the state at which it wrote
a good *.pyc file and continue along its merry way without giving you
any indication there is a problem.

Two things:

Turn on the STUPID_LOG_FILE.  Its contents will show you problems during
problem initialization.  See for more info.  Scan
the mail list archives for STUPID if this howto doesn't suit you

When you really, truly want to refresh a product, delete the product
from the control_panel and restart.  I *think* that updating version.txt
in the product folder has the same effect.

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> Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 1:57 PM
> Subject: [Zope] ZOBD caching products?
> Ladies and gentlemen,
> Some time ago I wrote to the list to ask for help on a 
> product reloading
> issue.  I'm still banging my head against it now, so i'm restating the
> problem again in the hope someone can help:
> I have a very simple product (and it works!)
> Any changes I make don't get reflected in the product, so...
> 1) I change the function name in order to break it on purpose
> 2) I stop and restart Zope (or use the refresh product)
> ...and...
> 3) Zope thinks the product still works ?!?!?"$""
> This behaviour exhibits itself in Zope 2.1.6 *and* 2.2.0.
> Since no-one else ever seems to have had this problem, I can 
> only assume I
> am doing something wrong at a "doh!" basic level.  Sounds to 
> me like the
> product is getting cached in the ZOBD.  I'm only a poor 
> newbie, so I don't
> really know where to go from here in order to debug the problem.
> Any clues????
> Thanks, Seb.
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