On Tue, Jun 20, 2000 at 07:00:40PM +1000, Terry Kerr wrote:
> Basically I want to know if anyone else has used zope for a commercial
> product b4, and how they did it.  Is there anything in particular that I
> should know about.  Should I just rely on a good software license to
> protect my code?  Also...are .pyc files as platform independent as .py
> files?

I personally know of one company that sells a commercial product that is
(almost) fully written in Python: GRiNS, by Oratrix (http://www.oratrix.com).
They protect their product with a license and a license key.

They do package the product as one binary, I believe there are some standard
tools for this, you could try and start searching on python.org. But I don't
think the compiled code has been obfuscated in any way or anything.

For your Product to work with Zope you will have to deliver your Product in a
format that the python interpreter can access, so that Zope can import your
module. .pyc files are such a format, and they are as cross-platform as .py

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