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Od: Brian Lloyd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Do: 'Adam Karpierz' <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Data: 19 czerwca 2000 20:52
Temat: RE: [Zope] Re: [Zope-dev] Re: [Zope] Re: Zope 2.1.5/6/7 upgrading issues

>> And there is a big and serious problem (I think not only for me:).
>> On my Win box Zope2.2b1 craches (GFP), dont allow add objects
>> (eg. Folder),
>I think that Amos has fixed this for the next beta.
>Thanks for the feedback!

Unfortunately with 2.2.0b2 I have the same problems as in 2.2.0b1 :(

On my Win box Zope dont allow add _no one_  objects (eg. Folder),
dont allow enter Control Panel if product incorect installed, etc..
Zope 2.1.6 and 2.1.7 (with apropriate patches)  works very well.

What I am doing wrong or eventually how can I help to avoid this problems ?

platform: Win98, Zope2.2.0b2 from official installer, empty (default) Data.fs

Eg. if i try to add a Folder that is happend:

<STRONG>Error Type: SuperCannotOwn</STRONG><BR>
<STRONG>Error Value: Objects cannot be owned by the superuser</STRONG><BR>

Traceback (innermost last):
  File C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line 222, in 
  File C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line 187, in publish
  File C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python\Zope\__init__.py, line 221, in 
  File C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line 171, in publish
  File C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python\ZPublisher\mapply.py, line 160, in mapply
    (Object: manage_addFolder)
  File C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line 112, in call_object
    (Object: manage_addFolder)
  File C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python\OFS\Folder.py, line 116, in manage_addFolder
  File C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python\OFS\ObjectManager.py, line 249, in _setObject
    (Object: ApplicationDefaultPermissions)
  File C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python\AccessControl\Owned.py, line 265, in 
    (Object: ElementWithAttributes)
SuperCannotOwn: (see above)


Adam Karpierz

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