Marcel, you're English is fine (better than my Italian).

I think you are near to the answer.

My dtml method 'dtml_main' has this kind of logic

<dtml-if something>
    <dtml-var a_dtml_method>
     <dtml-var another_dtml_method>

I had standard_html_header (which has an html header) in each of the 
'inner' methods, but not in the 'dtml_main' method. So I took 
standard_html_header out of 'a_dtml_method' and 'another_dtml_method' and 
put it in the 'dtml_main' method. No Invalid Header problems now. I don't 
know why that should make a difference but it seems to.

Thanks for your help


I found that the main dtml-method had no standard-header (so no html 
header) but the methods which it was rendering

At 15:01 23/06/00 +0200, you wrote:

> > Does anyone know what an Error Type: Value Error, Error Value:Invalid
> > Header (0) error represents ?
> >
> > It's interesting in the way it shows itself up. I added a <dtml-var
> > a_dtml_method> to a dtml method and it generates this error. This 
> <dtml-var
> > a_dtml_method> is nested inside a <dtml-if> and would definitely not be
> > rendered the first time the 'calling' dtml-method is rendered.
> >
> > I took out the <dtml-var a_dtml_method> and I still got the same error.
> >
> > I put a <dtml-var REQUEST> as the first line of the 'calling' method and
> > everything then renders correctly with no error. Even the <dtml-var
> > a_dtml_method> renders correctly when it should do so.
> >
> > Any ideas, suggestions ?
> >
>This is very strange.
>I had have the some problem.
>I have seen that if the Zope generate a lot of empty lines at the begining
>I receive this error.
>the idea is to dont have too many empty lines at the begining of the output,
>(I have no idea how many)
>try to write something at the begining of the output doc.
>I use someting like "Content-type:...."
>PS: My English is not so good,
>maybe you dont understood what I want to say
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