As promised I did some checking over the weekend.

As for Windows editors, Homesite WILL let you create tags,
it works quite well actually.  One draw back (or a blessing, 
depending on your view) would be that it would force you to 
do dtml attributes long form, for example:
        <dtml-var name="foo"> rather than <dtml-var foo>

the nice thing is that you would have a nice drop down menu 
of choices.  It supports syntax highlighting and has a ton of
helpful features.  In addition, if you gather enough Homesite 
"clue" you could also create your own wizards to accomplish 
certain tasks. 

Also for Windows there is Multi-Edit.  Not as powerful as Homesite
as an HTML, CFML, ad infinitum editor(well, maybe as powerful but 
it has all sorts of toolbars and buttons to push...annoying), but 
it has support for a tremendous number of legitimate programming 
languages built in including PERL, Python, JavaScript, C/C++, Delphi, 
ad nauseam.  While you can edit all this in Homesite, Multi-Edit 
provides support for compilers, error messages, and templates for 
almost any programming language you can think of (ad nauseam, remember?).
This doesn't necessarily help with DTML but maybe it's not all you do.

Both of these are priced nicely, Homesite goes for about $100 and 
can be checked out at, while Multi-Edit prices at 
around $130(online) and can be found at 

For Linux there is a nice little editor called NEdit.  NEdit 
includes customizable syntax highlighting, spell checker, etc.  
Unfortunately I know not of whether you can create customized tags
but, I doubt it very much.  Not as nice as the Windows stuff and 
there may be better editors made for Linux but this one does 
nicely in a pinch and beats the snot out of vi.  RPM's, and source
are both available, for free of course. 

That's my $.02,

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