Casey Duncan wrote:
> I am implementing a document Library using Zope. It has an exhaustive index
> with several thousand topics in an outline residing on a PostgreSQL
> database. This works well and I like it.
> My question is where is the best place to store the documents themselves?
> They will be static HTML documents ranging from 1-50Kb in size roughly.
> There will probably be at least 10,000-15,000 of these documents in the
> library once all is said and done.
> In my mind I have three options:
> 1. Store them on the filesystem.
> 2. Store them in a PgSQL table as blobs.
> 3. Store them as DTML Docs in the ZODB.
> I would like to eventually have full text searching capabilities, so that
> makes #1 less attractive (I would likely need my own Python method to do
> it). #2 is somewhat of a pain to implement due to limitations in the PgSQL
> row size and text searching would be slow. With #3 I could in theory use a
> ZCatalog to implement the searching, so that is done for me.

In theory, you could use ZCatalog to catalog objects in the
file system or in a RDBMS, providing that you can provide 
paths for them. I don't think anyone's done this yet. There
are bound to be bumps from wjoever does it first. :)
> Is ZODB up to the task of storing this quantity of objects? What problems
> might I run into? Is it a wise idea, could a data.fs file of this size
> (~3-400MB) become too easily corrupted?

No. Zope.Org varies from 300MB to close to 2GB.


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