Thank you for the comments and links for latex and docbook.

Going the latex path seems to me worthwhile - but on another day 
;-) ,  I have already done some setup in zope that I would like to
build on.  What I did not find about LaTeX was a screenshot (isn't it
a wysiwg enviroment on top of TeX marked-up text) and a content link
to zope - this might be done, however, through the DocBook DTD and the
XML stuff in zope. Which leads me to the later suggestion, I have
tried out DocBook product, rendering is very slow on my computer.
And again it is too big of a new concept for me now.

I have looked into the YihawDirectory product a little deeper now, it
fits very well into my idea to connect the content with the
references closely. A lot of my code methods I produced in order to
tweak a good reference handling is not needed any more, what is left
are a few headers and footers implemented as methods, for design and
navigation purposes, and folders having chapter properties and
containing documents for holding content. 

I still want to look into XML and DocBook, though, xml could be
easier to manage as the work grows.

On first glance, for xml I found  an interesting (but somehow
abandoned) software  named conglomerate http//,
another is Xeena of IBM. The GUI of both (especially the former) seem
to have nice XML editing capabilities.


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