Rogerio Atem de Carvalho writes:
 > 1)Folders names are directly related to string fields 
 > in a MySQL database which use spaces between words (eg 
 > New York), but folders names don't use spaces (eg 
 > NewYork). How can I skip spaces from database fields to 
 > make them refer to these folders (eg New York --> 
 > NewYork)?

Here's what I'm using to transform spaces to '_':

    path = string.translate(path, string.maketrans(' ', '_'))

This is only invoked on file upload.  If you're doing it a lot, I'd
just create the translation table once and stash it in a member

If you're doing this from DTML, the following untested code should be
a clue:

  <dtml-let table="_.string.maketrans(' ', '_')">
    <dtml-let fname="_.string.translate(name, table)">

Better check that maketrans and translate are in the version of the
string module available for DTML...

 > 2)Using LocalFS, can I do something like <dtml-
 > var "localfsObject['<dtml-var par1>'].['<dtml-var 
 > par11>'], where par1 and par11 are folder names (after 
 > skiping spaces)?

It'd be more like:
  <dtml-var "localfsObject[par1][par11]">

I.E. inside the quotes you're in Python and par1 and par11 are
assumed to be variable names.  The quotes would mean you were looking
for folders named "<dtml-var par1>", etc.  Note that you neither need
nor want a '.' between the subscripts.

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