Shane Hathaway wrote:
> The idea of making an XML compliant DTML has been tossed around
> before.  It would remove the difference between <dtml-var x> and
> <dtml-var "x">, since XML allows neither syntax. :-)

I'm not too hot on XML compliancy, but if it makes the problems I
mentioned go away, then great :-)

> > 3. Good documentation (much easier to do if 1 and 2 are met...)
> How about a "namespace inspector"?  It could provide an easy way to
> find out what methods are available and the what the calling
> conventions are (since it would interface with the help system), and it
> could be automatically invoked when exceptions occur (under certain
> conditions), making it a Zope debugging tool.

Sounds interesting but it's never going to beat a decent paper reference
with examples...

> I'm working on enhancing Python Methods right now.  I'm close to
> getting them properly interfaced with DTML namespaces, so that DTML can
> invoke Python Methods using simpler DTML syntax.

Hmmm, how about just sorting out the problems: dtml-var and dtml-call

<dtml-var "x(_,_.None,arg1=x,arg2='y',arg3=3)" html_quote>

should really be:

<dtml-var x arg1=x arg2='y' arg3=3 html_quote>

...IMNSHO ;-)

> A curious paradox: newbies need it to be easier, but experienced users
> need consistency.

I don't see a paradox, these two are both solved by sorting out the same

> It doesn't confuse Jim! ;-)

<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('id','answer1')">
<dtml-if "_[_[id]]=='funny'">
So lobotomize Jim, then he'll know what it's like for the rest of us! :P
Yes, but if Jim is the only person who understands it, then no-one else
will be able to use it, DC will have no customers and we'll all be
building sites using CORBA, beans and otehr 'things'

Thanks for the comments though, Ethan metnioned this as a project for I'm really up for that, would you be able to help out?



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