Title: Problem with ZClient

I'm testing ZClient to access a ZSQL method on a NT box from a Linux box since Linux can't access any odbc (propietary) database. As ressult i become a bci.ServerError.

This is the output:

[root@ecom ZPublisher]# ./Client.py -u username:password http://ntserver.bio.umd.es:8080/xmlrpc/replicar/Cliente/get_Navision N_=26451

Traceback (innermost last):

File "./Client.py", line 639, in ?


File "./Client.py", line 632, in main

headers, body = apply(f,(),kw)

File "./Client.py", line 225, in __call__

self.handleError(query, ec, em, headers, response)

File "./Client.py", line 240, in handleError

raise t, RemoteException(t,v,f,l,self.url,query,ec,em,response)

bci.ServerError: http://ntserver.bio.umd.es/xmlrpc/replicar/Cliente/get_Navision/manage_testForm (File: C:\ARCHIV~1\XMLSER~1\lib\python\Shared\DC\ZRDB\DA.py Line: 367)

302 Moved Temporarily for http://ntserver.bio.umd.es:8080/xmlrpc/replicar/Cliente/get_Navision

Anyone is using a similar method or knows about it?

Is there an alternative method to access a ZSQL on another server?

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