sorry but your example did'nt work:

>in external method:
>       return (obj1, obj2,)
>in DTML:
><dtml-in external_method(your,params)>
>  <dtml-var value1>
>  <dtml-var value2>

here is my submit forms code to explain my case

<form action="LDAPsearch" method=POST ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">
       cn: <br>
    <input name="cn" size="10"><br>
       objectclass: <br>
    <input name="objectclass" size="15"><br><br>

      <input type="SUBMIT" name="send" value=" Search ">

LDAPsearch is my external method (object in zope which points to .py module)

My method outputs are:
        res = (contains search result using forms input values)
        sn = (one of the values in res-object)
        return sn

and i try to embed in dtml like this

        <dtml-in "LDAPsearch('666666','*',REQUEST)">
                <dtml-var sn>

Zope returns error:
        Error Type: InError
        Error Value: Strings are not allowed as input to the in tag.

if i try to return 
        res.__dict__   in external method

zope returns this kind of error:
        Error Type: KeyError
        Error Value: 0

this works
<dtml-var "LDAPsearch('666666','*',REQUEST)">
but it lefs me with two problems
        1) how i can input values in LDAPsearch(how i input here)
        2) i don't have any control of return value, it returns list like
        ('Ukko', '666666', 'oEmail') 

>If you are submitting to your external method from an HTML form, you
>will need to return the HTML to be
>def my_external_method(self,param1,param2):
> stuff...
>       string = '<HTML><BODY>'
>       string = string + ...render your results here...
>       string = string + '</BODY></HTML>'
>       return string

this solution worked, but it's not what i really want to do. I don't want
include return HTML-file in my python script, like in that example. 

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