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As for your query, I'm not exactly sure what you want to do, but perhaps
the Zope Style Sheets product would help.

You can also make dtml methods return dictionaries by including a line
like the following:

  <dtml-return "{'foo':'value for foo', 'bar':'value for bar'}">

You can use the following how-to to learn how to create random content.

I hope that helps.

> Adam Pawliuk wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to find an efficient way of adding a dictionary of values to
> the Zope namespace, where a different dictionary could be set on each
> request.
> I wanted to create a several dictionaries each containing properties
> for a look and feel (i.e. background colors, fonts etc), and switch
> them for each request.
> For example I'd like to do something similar to what's done below
> (although the method below doesn't work).
> <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('LookAndFeel',m_getRandomLookAndFeel())">
> (assuming the Look and Feel Dictionary has key's LOOK_COLOR, and
> <dtml-with LookAndFeel>
>    <font color="<dtml-var LOOK_COLOR>" face="<dtml-var LOOK_FACE>">
>      I know the with doesn't work for the dictionary, but would like
> to do something similar to this example.
>    </font>
> </dtml-with>
> thanks in advance,
> Adam

Steve Alexander
Software Engineer
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