Hi John,

   There are no 'tricks' that I am aware of... for 'straight'
Zope. Some 3rd party products may require modules that are not in the
'default' Python port, but that's easily fixed... I'm running Zope
2.1.6 on several FreeBSD 4.0s boxen. Can you be a little more specific
about the error?


>>>>> "jholland" == jholland  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    jholland> I'm having trouble getting pcgi working for Zope 2.16 on
    jholland> Apache 1.3.12 on FreeBSD 4.0. I had hope the BSd ports
    jholland> would set it up but it seems that there is a problem of
    jholland> some sort with my install.

    jholland> Zope.cgi produces output but kind of maimed.

    jholland> I did get Zope.cgi working with IIS and NT (ugh) at
    jholland> work.

    jholland> Any tricks or anything would be appreciated.

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