as a newbie i am kind of glad that there are no slick interfaces. i want to
learn. i dont need to be coddled. :-)

is it important for zope to be "big" like MS and oracle? [lets think about
that for a second; do you really want to say that zope should be like MS or
MS products? yeah MS has some good points, but ...] or high-quality, open,
"home-grown", *real* ...?

i thought oss was supposed to be different ... ? >:-/

The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes. --Frank Lloyd Wright

>... However, for new users it could be disappointed.
> The interface does not look slick and does not offer interesting looking
> wizards that invite to click on. I think it should ! The first acquaintance
> with Zope should be a joy ! A new world opening up, a world where everything
> seems to be possible !  ;-)
> Maybe a bit commercial thinking, but hey, thats what made Microsoft and
> Oracle big. Not by delivering but simply by promising... At least Zope
> delivers, so what we need is showing the world it does.

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