hi Fiona,

I have not been able to keep track with ZOPE as much as I use to - way too
much stuff happening.  I am interested in helping out the FAQTs but I would
like to here what the ZDP people have to say as well, and the community at
large.  my main mission:

to have a FAQ that is very general and broad about ZOPE itself.  I have
heard people saying DC is reinventing XML, HTTP Servers, why this ZODB?
does it use ZSQL as ZODB query interface?  and then there are these
questions that consistently pop up - does ZODB have 2GB file size?  and
ZServer/ZODB threadedness.   there are more but these are the ones I've
asked myself (as well as heard reiterated)..

so the FAQs have two fold goal:

1. knowledge at zope.org that can be reached through its Catalog (so
important, it would be cool if ethan could share with us the 'most queried
term' - that may shed some light)

2. as the basis of some type of Q/A FAQSheet (maybe a good name :) that is
simply that - just questions and answers.  when someone finds ZOPE.ORG its
kinda messy.  its understandable, but we have to cater to peoples piqued
interest in the beginning.  and it being well integrated into ZOPE.ORG (I
believe is the only way for it to be found and accepted by the people
looking for the FAQs)

something like ok - I have found ZOPE, now here are some questions?
why is it written in python?
why ZServer - why not Apache?
what is ZODB?  What is ZOPE's metaphor?

WhatIsZope for instance - just does not cut it.  its all very buzzwordy and
very high level.  and very verbose to things people want to know.  they dont
want to go through a Zope Tour unless you've gotten more of there attention
(w/ some FAQs).

to me this just loses people:

How does ZOPE work?
Zope consists of a number components which work together to provide a
complete yet flexible application server package. Zope includes an internet
server, a transactional object database, a search engine, a web page
templating system, a through the web development and management tool, and
comprehensive extension support.

Why ZOPE works the way it does is another matter, but why the decisions to
do some of these things are never really explained.  i.e. Why Python?  that
is also what I would like to get out in the open.  people are having a very
hard time swallowing the ZOPE idea strictly because its python.  this is
unfortunate, but NOT many people outside of the coding world have heard of
python, yet :(  so I believe ZOPE carries this burden as well.

the answers on zope.org are valid and great, but they are a bit too terse
for the neophyte wandering into the "Arguement

I would like to have very simple, Q&A high level questions answered that
seem to get misinterpreted because of the sheer volume of info.  maybe this
can provide a framework to build more literature for ZOPE.ORG - but the fact
is ... people are seemingly getting the wrong answers to the right
questions.  and that is our, community fault.

these are the reasons I would like to stay on zope.org to do this (but I can
be persuaded to move it wherever):

ZDP is 'hanging off Zope' so I dont believe its as effective. (search for
FAQ on ZOPE.ORG) - I think ZDP and ZOPE.ORG's integration is very deep
problem, spanning not only 'who provides documentation' but maybe both sites
would have to be redesigned!

FAQTS - is a bit sparse and is not well integrated into zope.org.  (how do
we migrate data into zope.org at a later date?)

ZOPE.ORG - is where it would do the most good, I believe.  if people search
for 'faq' or 'faqs' (which is broken) - I would like them to be able to find

I am really aiming for SimpleSimpleSimple layout, Q/A base approach.
without getting long winded and without being too terse.  but to lure people
into asking more questions (and then maybe downloading the software and
asking questions on the zope list :)  and even limiting the amount of
questions (over 30 questions is too much, and I will color syntax key words)

but I'm writing this for the community so I will put it wherever they want
it.  I would like to hear from Amos or the Documentation crew @ zope.org.

please give me your "input":http://www.wavplace.com/mov/input.wav

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