Aleksander Salwa wrote:
> > Of course, I need to customize and test my LoginManager instance, so
> > new troubles may arise soon :)
> >
> So I'm back ;)
> On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Bill Anderson wrote:
> > for doing so. You can search the archives, and it would be a decent idea
> > to look at the Membership *alpha* product, as it is an example.
> >
> Where I can find this 'Membership' product ? (I've tried
> and 'Search' on

Has the most current version.
> Anybody knows about any other examples of simple, but useful UserSources ?
> I want to convert quickly my site to work with LoginManager (I used GUF
> before). I have folder with users data (login, password, and some
> properties needed in my site) in Zope. Every user is an instance of my
> ZClass. How to simply get it work with LoginManager ?
> What requirements (if any) are about class representing user ?
> Will be enough to customize (how ?) class GenericUserSource, or should
> I write my own ?
> Things seems easy, when reading help/API.txt (but there is nothing about
> user class). But when looking into source of GenericUserSource... :(
> Shed some light on it, please :)

Never used GUF, so I wouldn't be that much help :/
Went from straight UserFolder to Membership :)

Login manager is fairly new, and ZPatterns, which it sits upon, is also in a state of
evolution. As a result, not many are experienced with it, and little documentation 
There are reasons these aren't released > version 1.0 ;)

As for learning how to use them the source and the zope-dev list would be good sources.
IMO, discussions on them, especially at that level, belong on zope0dev fo rnow. Others 
not share that opinion.


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