Hello folks.

I want to be able to render Zope objects from my python external
method/product. Idea is to use it to render parent object. Here is
code I came up so far with:

def view(self, REQUEST):
        if self.meta_type == 'Folder':
                doc = self.aq_base.index_html(self, self.REQUEST)
                doc = self.aq_base(self, self.REQUEST)
        return doc

It does return rendered parent object, but I have some questions and
probably request for improvement ideas :)

1. The whole thing becomes broken with SiteAccess. Complains about
   premissions/PhysicalRoot (AFAIR)

2. Are there ways to improve it? For example I would love to know how
   you can check if you can actually render an object. (For example
   you can not render Control_Panel).

Possible use for it (to make the whole idea a bit clearer)

/index_html (some stuff in it)
/view (above code in external method)

/index_html/view returns rendered index_html doing some magic with
HTML/whatever is in it (for example encrypts it with public key, strips
down carriage returns/tabs/spaces etc...) In other words acts as a

Thanks for any advice,

Regards, Simuran.

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