Simon Coles writes:
 > We have binary files stored in Zope, for example Word documents (but
 > could be any of a variety of document types).
 > We would like to be able to index and search the contents of these
 > files using ZCatalog. So if a Word file contains the word "Fred",
 > then any search for "Fred" would include that file in the list of
 > documents returned.

I have done something similar. I created a ZClass subclassing CatalogAware
and File. I added a property called text which is text indexed in a catalog.
When a Word document is added, a method I created uses the wvHtml utility to
convert the Word document to text and store it in the text property. It has
kind of a kludgey implementation at the moment, mostly because I want to
create a Python wrapper around the wv library, but it's documentation is
sketchy and I have other priorities at the moment. It does work though and
lets you search Word documents using a ZCatalog quite effectively (although
it only works for Word docs).

Check out wv at

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