> Thanks for responding so quickly.
> I'm not sure I understand. The problem here, and the reason I 
> can't simply
> use a form or a session, is that I want to set a series of 
> links that send
> different options to the same method. I guess it's the 
> equivalent of passing
> args to a dtml method (which you can't do).
> It's the method I always used doing Perl. Adding stuff on to 
> the URL is like
> the ghetto-style web-based ARGV.

Well.. unfortunately, this isn't straight CGI nor Perl, and the URI
namespace never "ends" in Zope.  The way to pass args to DTML methods is
via a form post or via a link with a query string (or a form get).  The
publisher "eats up" the rest of the URL and returns a Not Found error if
you try to tack on indiscriminate things after a method name.  Sorry.
Your option is to write a custom object that handles this via

I'm still not sure why you can't just do:

<a href="my/method?a=1">1</a>

as opposed to:

<a href="my/method/1">1</a>

> I don't really get what __bobo_traverse__ is or how it would help. The
> problem isn't with grabbing stuff on the other end. If I can 
> just get stuff
> to PATH_INFO, I can read PATH_INFO on the other side. The 
> problem is that I
> don't know how to variably write PATH_INFO for different 
> links. I know how
> to do it really easily in Perl.

I would search the mail archives for __bobo_traverse__ if you want to
know more.  I'm not even sure if Zope exposes PATH_INFO in REQUEST.  It
might.  I doubt it would help if it did, however.

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