"Bak @ kedai" wrote:
> > "Bak @ kedai" wrote:
> > >
> > > BTW, site summary doesnot work with zeo.  i can vview an instance fine on the
> > > machine that server Data.fs, but not on the other machine.
> > > what should we look out for when considering zeo?
> >
> boy, am i talking to myself a lot.  another follow up.  as always, right after
> i sent a distress signal to the list, i got enlightened.
> i missed all my external progs when i installed  the other machine.  so, in
> the hopes of not showing how dense i am ;), in conclusion
> -get a mirror copy of your working site - products, external methods, etc
> -change host for connectiing to SQL backend.   use ip, not localhost

Better: use hostname, not localhost-alias or ip. So you can assign this
on the local machine with and on the remote machine with the
interfaces ip-address. Just for performance...

> -make sure access are granted for all machines wanting to access the sql backend
> -to minimize error, make changes from one machine only.

I have to look further, but I think a good solution for local
issues would be a mountable database for specific sections (like
and some folders with database-connections and such)
Imagine a situation where different instances of zope, connected via zeo
to use different database-connections (odbc for windows, any other for

Tino Wildenhain

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