Hi there,

What I want is an acl_users equivalent that has an SQL database backend.
I want an easy to understand, easy to install solution for this that
has some kind of future in Zope land. Currently I'm deploying 2.1 but
that should change into 2.2 eventually.

UserDb isn't developed anymore. Besides, it might not work for 2.2.
(does it?)

GenericUserFolder is not developed anymore. Besides, it might not work
for 2.2. (does it?)

LoginManager is being developed. *But* it is dependent on ZPatterns,
which is:

  * Another prerequisite

  * far too much for me to swallow right now. It sorts of doubles
    Zope's already not insignificant level of jargon and confusion.

  * under heavy development; lots of changes happening all the time,
    invalidating APIs etc.

  * needs a C module to be compiled. On Linux (development platform) that's
    okay, but it's not on my current deployment platform, Windows NT.
    I don't have a C compiler there.

So what do I do if I want an SQL backend for my acl_users folder? This
part of Zope seems to be becoming ever *more* complicated; the past
seems to have been actually easier and simpler in this case. I just want to
dump in a product, do minimal configuration, and be done with it.

Is there any solution to my problem? Do I have to risk installing 
development versions of LoginManager/ZPatterns, or risk installing something
that's not being developed anymore? Is there another way out?



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