"R. David Murray" wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Marcin Kasperski wrote:
> > 1) How can I set standard DTML Document properties (title!) from my
> > constructor? I created constructor form and constructor method, I
> > succesfully prompt for and set all my properties but I do not know how
> > to set properties belonging to DTML Document.
> Pass it as an argument to the call that creates the DTML Document.

Currently my constructor method contains
the following (mk_dtml_document is my custom class which subclasses DTML
Document, Extra is the name of my custom propertysheet):


  <dtml-call "propertysheets.Extra.manage_editProperties(REQUEST)">
  <dtml-comment> How can I change original title? </dtml-comment>
  <dtml-call reindex_object>


title is present in REQUEST and is not set in created document.

> > 2) Can I do anything to have single property screen which would behave
> > as original DTML Document property screen but present both original
> > properties and properties belonging to my custom property sheet?
> Yep.  You should be able to replicate everything the original
> constructor code does in your own code.  Read The Source, Luke <grin>.

I hate replicating code. I love calling it. Couldn't it be done this

> > 4) Can I do something to have ZCatalog PrincipiaSearch (i.e. full text
> > search) to scan some property of my custom ZClass (say property body
> > from propertysheet Basic)?
> You can add that property name as an index, and construct your
> search form so the search string is submitted to it (see the Advanced
> ZCatalog Searching HowTo).  Or, you could define your own
> PrincipiaSearchSource method and return whatever value is appropriate.
> I *think* you should be able to define this as a method of your
> ZClass, but I've never tried that.  I know it works from python <grin>.

I tried defining DTML Method with name PrincipiaSearchSource and

<dtml-var body>

(body is my custom property name).
Next I clicked 'Update Catalog' in ZCatalog screen. Seems my attempt has
been ignored - the amount of objects indexed via PrincipiaSearchSource
(according to ZCatalog status screen) has not changed (those object are
succesfully indexed on title etc).

> > 5) Can I write index_html method of my custom class so it interpret DTML
> > tags (like dtml-var substitution)?
> I'm sure you can, but I don't know how <grin>.  But if you are doing
> that, why not just subclass DTML-Method (or document)?

Because I have not done it previously and now I have about 100 objects
of this type and do not know how to perform such a change.

> > 6) What you, Zope gurus, would do if you were to find all the DTML
> > Documents in some directory tree and remove them, creating instead XXXX
> > Documents (where XXXX Document is some subclass of DTML Document) - and
> > keeping the document id, title, contents and properties without change?
> Write an external method to do all the object creation, property
> copying, and old object deletion.

What about some sample code?


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