>Maybe I have found a situation, where images are not working or rather
>For example, you create 2 documents and one image
>  doc1  (DTML Document)
>     contents: "document 1 <dtml-var doc2>
>  doc2  (DTML Document)
>     contents: "document 2 <dtml-var image>
>  image (Image)
>     contents: image
>When you put everything in one folder and try to render doc1, everything
>works fine. You get your image at the end. But if you put doc1 in a folder
>below like
>  doc2
>  image
>  subfolder
>    doc1
>you get the appended error.

>When you remove the image call from doc2
>everything works again.

You're probably right about this, or my Zen has left me. I did some testing
and it will work allright if you move doc2 to the subfolder. i wonder if it
is an acquisition bug, though, as it seems to work with other objects in the
same setup. Could this be an Image bug?

>I checked this with JPicture - the same. Beside,
>today I posted another mail with "[Zope] __call__ error message - I gave
>up". In this situation I thought my coding was wrong because I wanted to
>list all documents with
><dtml-in "objectItems('DTML Document')">
><dtml-var sequence-item>

try (untested)

<dtml-in "objectItems(['DTML Document'])">
  <dtml-var sequence-item>

the object items returns you a tuple with (id, <object>). Are you sure you
want that - it won't show on the html page


<dtml-in "objectIds(['DTML Document'])">
  <dtml-var sequence-item>


<dtml-in "objectValues(['DTML Document'])">
  <dtml-var sequence-item>

will bring you more luck

>Any Help?



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