Hi all,

I hope this hasn't been asked to death before, but out of lots of
related information that I did find, I could not find a direct
answer to my question.

I have been using and really enjoying Zope on my Debian system at
home, but would like to start using it for a couple of web sites
that I maintain.  The problem is, they are hosted at providers
that do not have Zope, and currently have no plans to do it. Both
of the providers allow pretty much any CGI you can write, except
that they don't allow long runing processes.

Where does this leave me?

I have seen where Zope can be run as a CGI, but is unbearably
slow.  Is unbearable truly unbearable?

I have gleaned that they are several parts of Zope, not all of
which needs to be used.  In particular, so far I have really
gotten into the acquisition concept, as it is similar to something
I was already doing with python CGIs and heavy abuse of soft
links.  Can just ZPublisher (this is what does this right?), be
run as a CGI?

Of course, my other option is to move my sites.  I have a freezope
account at nipltd, but I assuming they don't want people doing
redirections ala redirection.net to freezope accounts.  I have
seen other hosting companies, but most seemed rather expensive,
especially in light that I would not be giving up my current ISP
for a couple of unrelated to Zope reasons.

Basixally, if I am limited to CGI, what parts of Zope can I use

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