Bob Horvath wrote:
<snip Zope without Zope ;-) >
> Where does this leave me?

In a not very nice position ;-)

> I have seen where Zope can be run as a CGI, but is unbearably
> slow.  Is unbearable truly unbearable?

Yup, it would be if you had to start up Zope for every HTTP request.
That takes 20 seconds or so on average, which is a pretty long time to
respond for an HTTP REQUEST ;-)

> Can just ZPublisher (this is what does this right?), be
> run as a CGI?

I don't think if would work like you want it to :S

> Of course, my other option is to move my sites.  I have a freezope
> account at nipltd, but I assuming they don't want people doing
> redirections ala to freezope accounts.  

I can't see why we would object... why do you think we would?

> I have
> seen other hosting companies, but most seemed rather expensive,
> especially in light that I would not be giving up my current ISP
> for a couple of unrelated to Zope reasons.

Well, you could probably host all your sites on a single Professional
Zope Hosting instance from NIP:

That would cover your domain names and multiple sites as well as
providing email redirection, log analysis and a MySQL database. Not to
mention the fact that you can customize Zope to your heart's content
including what version you use, what patches you apply and what products
you choose to install.

Hope that helps,

Chris :-)

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