Thanks for the response Soren,
It sounds like Yihaw is the wrong way to do this.  Being a new 
Zope user, I am not sure what the rest of this message means 
however.  When I create a new opject, would that be creating a 
folder for example?  What does "subclass it off "Object Manager"" 
mean?  The creattion of an index_html file I can do.


On 21 Aug 2000, at 15:42, Soren Roug wrote:

> Hello Sean,
> I sounds like you're trying to use Yihaw in a manner it was not
> intended. A better approach would be to create a new object subclass it
> off "Object Manager" and then provide an index_html for the new object,
> that lists the content of the folder.
> /Soren Roug
> Sean Kelley wrote:
> > 
> > I want to add HTML files to the Yihaw directory but when I use "add file" it
> > creates its own header thereby cancelling out my header in the file.  If I use the
> > add text note or other methods for adding objects you can paste HTML into a form
> > but cannot select from the OS (upload).  Am I missing something here or is it a
> > little difficult to add these types of items?  I may want to edit an HTML file but
> > there is no mechanism for doing this with add file.
> > 
> > All I am trying to provide an easy way to display/manage hierarchical html files in
> > folders.  I may want to add a squishdot object on some folders and would like to
> > incorporate banner ads, etc.  Am I better of with straight Zope?  Is there another
> > product that will do this?  If I use straight Zope, is there an easy way to show a
> > folders dtml documents via DTML?
> > 
> > --Sean
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