On 22 Aug 2000, 22:15  R. David Murray wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Wolfgang Strobl wrote:
> > 9. Uncheck "Highlight" and push Save Changes.
> > 
> > Result: The boolean Highlight property checkbox is still checked.
> > There is no way of making it unchecked, again.
> This *sounds* like the boolean property bug that appeared in 2.2 (I
> think) and was supposedly fixed in 2.2.1.

(The story continues)

I just installed an actual version of Yihaw into a cvs version of zope, 
and it seems that this solved the problem. 


Speaking about cvs: How do you people out there who run Zope on 
Windows too, do install cvs versions of zope?  I do it simply by 
using the latest installer (i.e. Zope-2.2.1b1-win32-x86.exe, 
currently) for creating a local installation, and copy an actual cvs 
checkout into the destination directory, afterwards, using the 
robocopy.exe utility from the nt4 resource kit (it works great on 
win2000, too).

Is there perhaps a better way for installing a cvs checkout on 
windows? It's obvious that none of the c modules get compiled, but 
these seem to change rather rarely ...

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