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> It looks like I'm going to be using cookies now, and I don't find any
> How-To on cookies. What's the most instructive place to look? "UTSL" is
> fine as an answer, especially if it points me somewhere, and even more
> if it's DTML source ..
> The *ZQR* is a bit too cryptic for me.

First you must understand cookies independent of Zope:

Then Zope's interface to them will be easier to understand:

>The *DTML Ref* has a bit more::
>     8. Dictionaries are objects that support looking of data by name
>     (e.g. REQUEST.cookies['CUST_ID'] to look up a cookie named CUST_ID).
>     Dictionaries have has_key methods for checking whether a dictionary
>     contains a value (e.g. REQUEST.cookies.has_key('CUST_ID') ) and
>     methods keys , values , and items , for updating lists of dictionary
>     keys, values, and key-value pairs (e.g. REQUEST.cookies.keys() to
>     obtain a list of cookie names).
> .. but I don't understand yet how 'keys', 'values' and 'items' are going
> to help me *update* the lists -- it seems to refer only to querying
> them, AFAICS ..

Search for "cookie" a little further in and you will find not only
REQUEST.cookies but also RESPONSE.setCookie().

-- Loren

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