I agree that instances of DTML methods, DTML documents, SQL methods,
Python methods, objects based on ZClasses, etc. should have "docstring"
capabilities in some sort of common-denominator fashion.

<dtml-comment> is the only way this can be done for DTML methods.

The other objects can have properties, which could be documentation.

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Mostly when developing a project it should be documented as well :)
The best would be a strucutral documentation that can be generated 
out of the project so that it always keeps track of the software and is
up to date

- Python has that because there are the doc strings for classes and
- Java has it (javadoc)
- Zope - ?

For Zope it would be fine if every entity in the ODB has a
'Documentation' tab
So I could when developing a Zope site always on the fly document its
without having to leave y developing environment.

Then its an easy thing to write a doc generator that queries the objects
in the ODB
and their documentation.

Did I miss something and such a beast exists or is there really
something to be done?
I don't mean documentation in <dtml-comment>, I mean documentation as
property for each object and method.

Philipp Auersperg (zwork)

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