Skip Montanaro wrote:
> I'm experiencing bad memory leaks in my ZServer-based system.  I recently
> upgraded from 2.0.0 to 2.2.1.  I didn't have leakage using 2.0.0 - certainly
> nothing like I'm seeing it now.  When I call the same method (same
> parameters as well) over and over, I pretty significant leakage via isolate
> methods exposed through ZServer to test scripts that don't use ZServer, no
> leakage occurs, so I'm beginning to think there's something amiss with
> ZServer or DocumentTemplate (the two pieces I use most heavily) or the parts
> they use.  Unfortunately, even disconnected from ZServer, my code is still
> pretty dependent on my own environment so I can't easily post a script for
> people to gaze at.  One simple method (just executes a DocumentTemplate and
> returns the resulting HTML) seems to be growing at a rate of about 16kbytes
> every five to ten times it's called.  A search method that calls an XML-RPC
> server to do the work is much worse, growing at a rate of 85kbytes to
> 100kbytes per call.

any noticeable differences if you flush the cache?

> It's certainly possible that I'm creating some garbage that Python's
> reference counting can't reclaim, but when I run my server under Python
> 2.0b1 with the new garbage collector enabled (and collecting at each call)
> it never finds anything to collect, so it would appear that the garbage is
> either being created at a lower level (non-Python heap allocations in C
> code) or Python objects are getting appended to lists or dicts that are
> visible to some part of the system (just not obvious to me).
> What tools are available to try and detect memory leaks in Zope-ish
> applications?  What input can I provide to DC or other interested experts to
> help track this down?
> Thx,

You might want to check the ref count info at 

some notes from the pywx group ( that might be
`intern'ed Python strings are shared process-wide, so there would be a
memory leak if varying strings would get interned. You can get more
information from the Python
documentation for the built-in function `intern()'. 

Scripts running under PyWX can, of course, also cause memory leaks if
they create circular references (unfreeable by Python's
reference-counting scheme) or import buggy C
extension modules. 

I hope thats somewhat helpful



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