Brad Clements wrote:
> It seems that when I'm managing my website as a Manager (from
> acl_users folder) I can not set a proxy role for a method or document. I
> get "you do not have the proxy role" something like that.

The wording is crap.
What it means is that the user object you are authenticated with must
have the role you are trying to give to the object by proxy. 

...which makes sense if you think about it.

...but is frustrating if the role actually nothing to do with you, and
has less permissions that your role. For example, you, as someone with
only the Manager role, can't give a Customer proxy role to an object,
even though Customers can do much less than Managers, because you don't
have the Customer role. So, you have to go to acl_users and give
yourself the Customer role just to complete the operation, and then,
more than likely, remove the Customer role from yourself later...

I can see why it's like it is, btu sureyl the Manager could be made to
eb an exception? Or mayeb that's what's happening with the Superuser

> So only the superuser can set the proxy role for a document. But once I
> do that, I can't edit it anymore as Manager (expected)

Hmm... you imply the superuser has ended up owning an object, which
shouldn't be possible (yes, that can of worms again :P) so does anyone
know what's going on here?



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