On Thu, 05 Oct 2000 16:03:24 +0200, Pierre-Julien Grizel

>Correcting my earlier post, I'd "simply" like to have a way to get the _
>(namespace) variable in a product method.
>Currently, I use the following syntax :
><dtml-var "product.method (_, 'Hello, world !')">
>to pass _ to my product.
>It works, but..... Reminds me of the great times when my hammer was the
>Has anyone a way to acquire _ in a product without constrainging the
>user to pass it explicitly ??????

Have a look at


Its a wrapper object for python functions that gives them *exactly*
the same calling convention as dtml methods. I developed this as a way
to replace overworked dtml without having to modify every other bit of
dtml that called it.

define your function as

def my_method(self,_):
    stuff goes in here

to invoke it from dtml use <dtml-var my_method>

Toby Dickenson

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