Hi James,

   Are you using SiteAccess? If not.. it would probably be worth a try.
It will take care of setting BASE0 etc to soemthing intelligent. 


>>>>> "James" == James Howe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    James> I asked this question a couple of months ago but received
    James> no response, so I figured I would ask it again to see if
    James> anyone can answer the question...

    James> We are running Zope behind an Apache server. We've got
    James> things configured so that it mostly works. However, we
    James> noticed that the "breadcrumbs" list at the top of a
    James> workspace screen doesn't work correctly. For example, if
    James> I'm looking at the object /Foo/Bar/Baz, the list of items
    James> in the breadcrumbs might look like this:

    James> DTMLDocument at / Foo / Bar / Baz

    James> The links to Foo and Bar do not correctly take into account
    James> the extra item needed to tell Apache that the link goes to
    James> the Zope site. For example, the link to Foo needs to say
    James> something like

    James> http://foo.bar.com/Zope/Foo/manage_workspace

    James> instead of

    James> http://foo.bar.com/Foo/manage_workspace

    James> The tabs for the management screens work fine, however.

    James> In looking at what is happening, I believe the problem
    James> exists because the links in the breadcrumbs line are
    James> relative links.  The link to "foo" would look like this:

    James> <a href="/foo/manage_workspace">Foo</a>

    James> instead of

    James> <a href="http://foo.bar.com/Zope/Foo/manage_workspace>

    James> When I open the page, the URL I give my browser is
    James> "foo.bar.com", but my Proxy settings in Apache redirect the
    James> request to "foo.bar.com:8080/Zope".  When my browser sees
    James> the relative path, it prepends the "foo.bar.com" instead of
    James> "foo.bar.com:8080/Zope" because it doesn't know any better.
    James> I've managed to get around the problem by changing some
    James> code in the tabs_path_info method found in Management.py.
    James> Basically I modifed the code to prepend "BASE0" to each of
    James> the items in the breadcrumbs list.  This way, I get
    James> absolute links instead of relative.  However, I'm wondering
    James> if there is just some additional configuration I need to do
    James> in Apache to fix this problem without modifying Zope
    James> itself.  Has anyone else encountered this and is this a bug
    James> in Zope, or is this simply a configuration issue that I
    James> need to resolve. If its a configuration issue, what would I
    James> need to change.  Any help would be appreciated.

    James> Thanks.

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