Title: Zope, Threads and Signals

It all began when I was a small child, but I'll skip ahead a bit....  Last night I wrote a network client class with plans to use it as an External Method in Zope.  Works great from the command line.  My first real Python program.  Mom and Dad were so proud!  However, when I plugged it into Zope and tried to call it from a document method, I got this:

        Error Type: ValueError
        Error Value: signal only works in main thread

Gack!!  Um...  Silly me, but I wrote all this code to use sigalarm and blocking I/O.  Anyone know how I can overcome this great adversity, aside from rewriting it all to use non-blocking I/O?  Know of any good examples of External Method network clients you could point me at?  Or would making it a Zope Product somehow fix everything?  (Sorry, I had to ask...)


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