hi, i am running into a slight problem due to STILL not being able to
understand namespaces perfectly, and would appreciate if someone could help

the situation is this:

i have a dtml document called "pageowners", on which i have a list property
called owners. which changes every hour. lets assume right now, it says tav
and Bill.

now, in the same folder, i have a dtml method called "parseit", and i have
three dtml documents, called "tav", "noa" and "Bill". there is a dtml
document corresponding to each owner.

each of the three documents have a title and content. parseit simply gives
them a table layout, which simplified immensely, looks like:

<dtml-var title>
<dtml-var owner-name>

what i want to do is display whomever is listed as an owner, in such nice

the problem is this:

in "standard_html_header", it looks up which owners are listed in
"pageowners", and then runs through them in a sequence. however, (and this
is where it gets tricky), i want the owners to be formatted by running them
thru "parseit".

however i get stuck when in parseit, as i dont know how to do <dtml-var
Bill>, i tried to set Bill in the namespace by using <dtml-with
Bill><dtml-var parseit>, and then tried to call <dtml-var id> within
"parseit" but that doesn't work :/

and, again, i want this to be done automatically, so i dont want to have to
manually list Bill, tav, noa, etc....

i am pretty sure that DTML can handle this, and this is one of the reasons
why i like zope, because it lends itself to a structured system which is
easily maintainable, e.g. the owners could increase from 5 to a 1000, and
this would still work.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

best regards, tav

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