Hello all,

Why does the Medusa server in Zope not handle GET requests which specify
a full URI? For example, if I have a web server running on web.mydomain.com,
and I want to get a file called "file.html", doing a GET request of the form

        GET http://web.mydomain.com/file.html HTTP/1.1

gives me a 404. Doing a GET of the form

        GET /file.html HTTP/1.1

works fine. If I understand RFC 2068 correctly, a HTTP 1.1 compliant server
is expected to handle both cases (5.1.12 of RFC 2068), although HTTP 1.1 
are not supposed to generate these unless talking to a proxy. In our case, the
software which generates the request is a WAP gateway (Ophelia, 
and it always assumes it is talking to a proxy server, and requires a code 
to change it. I've tested Apache and IIS with this, and they handle both forms.

Thanks in advance.

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