I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a commercial Zope
hosting service for me.
I've looked at the resources page on zope.org, and I have a
couple feelers out, but I'd like to ask the community for
recommendations as well.


I need a system that can handle a potentially very heavy
load, though at first it will be quite small - we're a
startup and have no customers yet.

Location: We're in the northeast USA and most of our users
will probably be in the US as well, so I'd prefer a service
in North America.

Zope: 2.2 at least, and access to install new products and
external methods.
I'm currently on codeit.com, but they have zope 2.1 and I
need zope >= 2.2 so I can use my custom product derived from
PTK 0.9.

Storage: We're doing things with digital images - *big* ones
- so we need to start at about 100 MB and will need to grow;
we'll be storing a *lot* of data for our users.  Eventually
(probably not until later in 2001) we'll need MUCH more -
possibly up to 1 GB eventually. (Beyond that point we will
probably just rent a server at rackspace.com or somewhere
but first we need to be able to develop a big enough
customer base to pay for it.)

Data transfer: Several times greater than storage. Users
will upload large files which we will then download to our
local network, so that's at least 2x our storage needs, plus
there's the transfer involved in just using the site.

Pricing: since our storage requirements will be continually
growing, I'd like a payment plan that enables us to pay for
the storage we need and add more as needed.

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