Thanks, here are my two cents:

Mini quick howto to connect to a sybase ASA/ASE:

Get any 2.2 linux distro installed, except red hat 7 (compiler problems, it 
WILL fail).

GET from Sybase the RPMs called sybase-common and sybase-openclient, the latest 
versions.  Install them.  do a link from /opt/sybase to /opt/sybase-
{currentversion} which should exist now.
make sure you have $SYBASE set in your profile, to /opt/sybase.

Download zope-2.2.2.src.tgz

untar as root, then chown -R root.root /path/to/Zopefolder

make sure you have python and python-devel RPMs or DEBs.

cd to zope folder

run \\\'python\\\'

run \\\'python access\\\', enter username, password, CLEARTEXT encoding 
and no domain

get ZSybaseDAv2 b2 and place the targz file into the zope folder

do a \\\'tar zxvmf ZSybaseDAv2.tar.gz0 in the zope folder

Once more do a chown -R root.root *

cd into lib/python/Products/ZSybaseDAv2/src

cp Setup.linux or Setup.solaris to Setup

make -f boot


cd to the parent folder (cd ..)

cp src/ .

enter python and try to do \\\'import sy_occ\\\' if it works and doesn\\\'t spit 
you\\\'re set.

exit python and go to the zope folder, then run ./start

if zope starts, you\\\'re all set

now there is an executable called /opt/sybase/bin/dsedit that you will have to 
use to create network transports.  Fill in the appropriate data.

Now for the problems.  I managed to connect to an ASA 7.0 database, and 
retrieved successfully a select * from systable, but can\\\'t execute stored 
procedures, it spits some kind of another operation on progress error or 
unknown data type returned error.  I assume ASA and dsclient are talking 
incompatible protocols here.

Can someone help me?  By the way, the data source created with dsedit for our 
ASE server works fine.  Everything runs OK.

Please reply and CC: me because I\\\'m kinda lagged behind with the mailing list 
and I need a reply soon.  Thanks.  I hope these instructions help people in 
connecting to Sybase, given the poor support they have in some countries (I\\\'m 
thinking mine).


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