Max M wrote:
> I have made a product that inherits:
> "OFS.ObjectManager.ObjectManager"
> and so should be able to contain other object.

In python any object can be a container, the use of the ObjectManager
assists in creating an api and ui for the container's management of

> I have given the product a manage option:
> {'label':'Contents', 'action':'manage_main'}
> This is inherited from ObjectManager, To make it possible to
> add content to my product.
> But when I add ie. a dtml method to my folderish object, it does it
> allright, and the document gets added. I know because I can see it directly
> when going to it's url. And if I try to add another document with the same
> name I get an error saying that the id is allready used.
> But the Item doesn't show up in Itemlist on the "manage_main" page. So I
> cannot edit the items that I have added.
> I only get the:
> "There are currently no items in XXX"

some more information on what you changed in the container would be

> Why is this? is there any special methods or something that I need to create
> for the Items to show up in "objectItems".

this pseudo code should give you the result you want?, it works for me
to display objects in the manage_main. 

def manage_addMyContainer:
        foo = MyContainer()
        bar = MyObject()

        foo._setObject(bar, 'bar')

        self._setObject(foo, 'foo')

caveat, register your permissions properly on the manage_add, and note
that adding bar in this way will mean it won't have access to
acquisition properties from further up the tree at creation (including

also for registering manage options this syntax is a little more

                {'label':'YourTabHere', 'action':'YourMethodHere'},



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