I'm considering implementing a web-based database application with MySQL as a back-end and a Zope-based front-end. I wonder if you could provide your thoughts on the following questions:
1. Is Zope a good tool to quicky build an efficient & effective user interface for a database application?
2. In particular, what would be the best way to implement the inserting and updating of records along with input data validation? (Retrieving data from a database to show on a web page using Zope is straightforward as you know.)
3. In several cases I'd like to implement a main form/subform, where the subform allows the user to enter several items related to only one record in the main form. Since every item might have many fields (say 20) I'd like to present just the most important fields on a table, and allow the user to view/enter/update all the fields for each item in a different web page. Those of you familiar with Microsoft Access know that in Access it is straightforward to implement this main form/subform interface. I wonder what would be the best way of implementing this using Zope?
4. Do you know of any existing Zope-based app similar to this?. Obviously, the back-end doesn't have to be MySQL.
5. Finally, if somebody is interested in further discussing this type of applications, I'll be glad to participate. Just e-mail me to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Alonso Rhenals
Miami, FL, USA
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