> From: "Alonso Rhenals" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: [Zope] Your thoughts about Zope-based database apps
> 1. Is Zope a good tool to quicky build an efficient & effective user interface
> for a database application?

Yes. Once you get the hang of it it is all quite easy. I have at least one
(building another) site that is about 90% driven by the data from a
PostgreSQL database.

> 2. In particular, what would be the best way to implement the inserting and
> updating of records along with input data validation? (Retrieving data from a
> database to show on a web page using Zope is straightforward as you know.)

ZSQL Methods.

> 3. In several cases I'd like to implement a main form/subform, where the
> subform allows the user to enter several items related to only one record in
> the main form. Since every item might have many fields (say 20) I'd like to
> present just the most important fields on a table, and allow the user to
> view/enter/update all the fields for each item in a different web page. Those
> of you familiar with Microsoft Access know that in Access it is
> straightforward to implement this main form/subform interface. I wonder what
> would be the best way of implementing this using Zope?

You would have to build it. Not that it would be that tough. You could also
use a Zope Wizard if you want to do a couple of forms.

> 4. Do you know of any existing Zope-based app similar to this?. Obviously, the
> back-end doesn't have to be MySQL.

http://fundraising.gotschool.com  - Although you can't see the management
interface which has lots of ways of extracting and updating data through
forms and ZSQL Methods. All PostgreSQL 6.5.3.


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